Be at peace, not in pieces.
My happiness :) 

My happiness :) 


My least favorite thing is straight men who come into lush and act like it’s a direct attack on their manhood coming up to me like “I’m in here for my girlfriend” ok thanks for confirming your heterosexuality everyone who likes soap is usually gay

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a CEO walks into his office “any messages?” he asks his assistant
“two anons want to know who tom petty is and one just says ‘post your ballsack’”
“got it. check my dashboard”
“that skeleton gif you like is back again”
he rubs his chin pensively “mm. reblog that”

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I am fire *pant pant* 

I am death. 

you ruined my life

you mean improved your life

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if u can do liquid eyeliner u can do anything

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Late night

Come home

Work sucks

I know

She left me roses

by the stairs

Surprises let me know she cares

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Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it.

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